18 Camps a Silver winner
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JUN 1, 2011

Museum Receives Silver in Media and Technology Muse Awards

Multimedia Installations

Immersive installations that include text, audio, still images, video, and do not require interactivity.

Jury Chair: Ben Bailes
Manager, Interpretive Digital Media
The Morgan Library & Museum

Gold: Rio Tinto Volcanic 3D in AVIE by iCinema UNSW
Museum Victoria

We found Museum Victoria’s 360 degree 3D installation depicting undersea volcanoes a standout among this year’s submissions. The fully immersive 3D environment coupled with geologically accurate renderings provides an excellent means with which to engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds. By placing visitors in the undersea environment, the installation provides additional layers of context. Outfitted with this context, visitors are able to interact with the collection objects in the exhibition with heightened understanding. The behind the scenes technical work brought to bear in creating the installation is also quite impressive. Outstanding for overall user experience, educational content, innovative approach, and use of technology.

Silver: 18 Camps
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
Variate Labs
Belzberg Architects

Potion developed an engaging, emotional installation that allows visitors to experience the exhibition both as individuals and as a group. This is achieved with beautiful interface design and visual unity across heterogeneous physical devices. The various elements of the presentation convey a large amount of information: statistics, geographical, personal, and historical information in an uncluttered, effective way. This submission was exceptional for the unity of the presentation of its content, its design, and the degree to which it accomplishes its overall objective: a simple, smart and powerful presentation that brings all elements together brilliantly. There is clearly a technical achievement in the execution, but is made to look simple and easy, a mark of expertise.

Bronze: Dreams of Freedom
National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia
Local Projects LLC

Amidst a category defined by large budgets and grandiose subject matter, this submission stood out by achieving great impact using modest means that were superbly suited to the subject matter. The installation uses sculpted wall panels that represent letters from which the narrative elements were drawn. These panels double as a
screen for projected video. The blending of form and content showed exceptional creativity and restraint. An elegant and novel way to engage the audience. Technology supports the presentation without overwhelming it or becoming the focus.

Honorable Mention: Life in Balance
Louisiana State Museum
A Côte Blanche Production

The Louisiana State Museum’s installation on the impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans is notable for the power of the first person narrative, and the weaving together of disparate voices to present the visitor with a greater sense of the community’s response to the Katrina tragedy. The use of metaphorical elements (pieces taken from the storm wrought wreckage) in the installation allow for the telling of a dramatic event, while at the same time, leaving room for critical interpretation to the individual viewer.

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