Iossif with his caretaker, Athina Iossif Ventura

Sunday, March 19 at 3:00 pm


Greek Poet and Holocaust Survivor



One of the last members of the Jewish community in Crete, Iossif Ventura was able to survive the war as a child in hiding. Separated from his parents, Iossif was kept safe during the war by the courageous acts of his uncle’s housekeeper. Throughout his life, Iossif has used poetry to transform his lingering trauma from the Holocaust into articulate prose, echoing the loss and desolation of 96% of the Greek Jewish community. Over his career, Iossif has published six books of poetry reflecting on his experiences during the Holocaust, and his poems have been translated into six different languages. Iossif is a member of the Hellenic Authors Society.

Join us as Iossif Ventura discusses the history of the Jewish community in Crete and his own family's story.

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