Tuesday, April 23

6:30 pm

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

and American Society for Yad Vashem


Nous étions l'Exodus (We Were the Exodus)


Followed by Q&A with Exodus 1947 Survivors

and Descendants of Those on the Voyage


In July 1947, 4,500 Jewish men, women and children from displaced persons camps in Germany boarded the Exodus 1947 in France and attempted to sail (without permission to land) to Palestine, which was under British mandate. Even before the ship reached Palestine's territorial waters, British destroyers surrounded it. On July 18 a struggle ensued between British naval forces and passengers on the ship. A Jewish crew member and two passengers were killed. Dozens suffered bullet wounds and other injuries.

The British towed the ship to Haifa and returned the refugees to France, but the passengers refused to disembark and the French authorities refused to fordibly remove them. After a three-week standoff, the British government transported the refugees to Germany, where they were returned to displaced persons camps.

The plight of the Exodus 1947 passengers became a symbol of the struggle for open immigration into Palestine.

Nous étions l'Exodus is an emotional French film that tells the story of the Exodus 1947 from the perspective of the refugees onboard the ship.

The screening will be followed by Q&A with 

Izac & Gideon Rozman, sons of Mordechai Rozman, a leader of the Exodus 1947 refugees

Ariel Flat, who was a child on the Exodus 1947

Bella Rotenberg, who was a child on the Exodus 1947

William P. Tucker, whose cousin, American volunteer Bill Bernstein, was killed during the battle with British forces on board the Exodus 1947


This event is free and open to the public, but RSVP is required: