Sunday, August 18
5:00 pm Reception
5:45 pm Screening and Conversation with Filmmakers



Short Film Series 


3G@LAMOTH, a group for grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, presents a screening of three short films that approach Holocaust-related themes with a modern perspective. A reception will precede the screening, and a moderated conversation with the filmmakers will follow.

About the Films:

Say I Love You: The Story of Betty Cohen (2018): Using archival photographs, public domain footage, and documents from Holocaust survivor Betty Cohen's personal collection, students in the Museum's Voices of History Documentary Film Workshop weave together a beautiful and cohesive video memoir of a truly inspirational woman.

The Sarid Family (2018): This short is part of the Podkamieners film series that reimagines the Holocaust documentary genre by juxtaposing rich and realistic animation with moving first and secondhand accounts. In this installment, four siblings share how their late father turned being a sole survivor into the essence of their family’s foundation.

Boxes (2019): Inspired by real events, this narrative short film follows Jessica and her Oma, a Holocaust survivor, as they spend an afternoon packing up the belongings of Oma's recently deceased husband. As they reminisce, hidden truths about their lives come to light.