Sunday, June 4 at 3:00 pm


Untold Stories: The Mass Imprisonment of Japanese Americans During WWII


A Presentation by Sam Mihara



As a nine-year-old during World War II, Sam Mihara was imprisoned with his family for three years at the Heart Mountain prison camp in rural Wyoming, watched over by armed guards. He now is a lecturer on mass imprisonment, one of the few survivors speaking nationally about his experience. His multi-media presentation includes photographs, video clips and in-depth discussions about his experiences and the experiences of the 120,000 Japanese, mostly U.S. citizens, who were removed from their homes and placed into makeshift prison camps.

Mr. Mihara's presentation will cover four important legal cases that attempted to reverse the government’s decision of forced removal and long incarceration. He also will discuss his latest study on the detention of undocumented Latino mothers and children from Central America, including the inhumane imprisonment conditions in Texas and other states to which these women and children are subjected.

Please RSVP to Michael at or 323-456-5083.