Monday, August 14 at 2:00 pm


Setsuzo Kotsuji: From Tokyo to Jerusalem

Japanese Rescuer of Jewish Refugees


A Lecture by Japanese Yiddish Scholar


Dr. Yoshi Hirose


Professor, Notre Dame Seishin University

Okayama, Japan


Professor Yoshi Hirose will speak about Setsuzo Kotsuji, a Japanese Hebrew scholar who saved the lives of over 2,000 Polish Jews when they arrived in Japan in 1940 with transit visas valid for only two weeks. His interventions made it possible for them to remain in Japan for several months and be safely transferred to Shanghai before the Americans entered the war in 1941.

Professor Yoshi Hirose is a long-time professor of English literature and translator of Yiddish into Japanese. He is the author of several books about Yiddish, including the The Symbolic Meaning of Yiddish (2002) and most recently In Love with the Yiddish Language and the Yiddish World (2015). He has been particularly involved in translating the work of Isaac Bashevis Singer.

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