Portraits in Black and White:

Survivors and What They Carry


Survivors and What They Carry is a powerful portrait series of Holocaust survivors by photographer and writer Barbara Mack that captures the essence of these remarkable people. The black and white portraits are accompanied by fascinating life stories of those pictured, as each survivor is holding a meaningful object, giving each portrait a deeper dimension.  The work is the culmination of Barbara Mack’s seven-year collaboration with Holocaust survivors from Café Europa, a club sponsored by Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles.

Barbara Mack asked the survivors to bring objects from the past or present that were important to them and their identities. These simple yet moving items remind us of the everyday lives that were destroyed by the Nazis and the resilience of those who survived. With this exhibit, viewers witness the endurance of the human spirit.

“I thought of the title, Survivors and What They Carry because not only did they carry these objects, but they carried so many other things, emotional things: history, persistence, courage, integrity.”  ~Barbara Mack

Included in the exhibition:

-20 framed black and white prints

-9 silk hangings

-30 text panels, including personal narratives of the survivors pictured, and an introductory text panel for the exhibition

-Accompanying books - Portraits in Black and White: Holocaust Survivors of Café Europa Vol I and Vol II, by Barbara Mack

For more information, please contact:

Christie Jovanovic, Collection Manager