NOVEMBER 4, 2019 - JANUARY 17, 2020


Beyond The Shadows:

The Holocaust and the Danish Exception


by Judy Glickman Lauder


The extraordinary experiences of ordinary people—their suffering and their unimaginable bravery—are the subject of Judy Glickman Lauder’s remarkable photographs. Beyond the Shadows responds to the Holocaust, while telling the uplifting story of how the citizens and leadership of Denmark defied the Nazis by helping thousands of Jews flee to neutral Sweden.

Lauder's photos serve as contemplative spaces to reflect on the scope and horror of the Holocaust, and upon those who survived, and those who lost their lives.

“Ultimately, this isn’t just about the Holocaust, nor about the Nazis, the Jews, and the Danes. It is about all of us: our capacity for hate and destruction, and our capacity to stand in their way and to make a difference.” ~ Judy Glickman Lauder 

This exhibit is presented by Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust and the Peter Fetterman Gallery.