Dachau survivor Joe Alexander


Names Instead of Numbers:
Victims of Dachau Concentration Camp


Names Instead of Numbers is an international traveling exhibition from Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site’s Remembrance Book Project, a collection of biographies of camp victims that gives voice to the over 200,000 prisoners who were deported to Dachau between 1933 and 1945. At Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, the Names Instead of Numbers exhibit is supplemented with artifacts, letters, photographs, and personal testimonies from LAMOTH's collection and curated to depict the different groups of people targeted by the Nazis for dehumanization, slave labor, torture, and death.

The exhibit depicts the torment, persecution, and resistance of prisoners in the Dachau Concentration Camps as well as accounts from liberating soldiers. Each artifact and testimony included in this exhibition serves as a moving testament to this important history.

Included in the exhibit are postcards and letters from LAMOTH's collection written by Dachau prisoners between 1934, shortly after the camp was established, and late 1944, months before liberation. The records contain simple, earnest messages: prisoners wishing well for their loved ones, assuring their own health, and maintaining hope despite the desperation around them.