Club official Otto Beer & youth players ca. 1928 1932 German champions FC Bayern Munich

JULY 16, 2019 - JANUARY 15, 2020


Venerated - Persecuted - Forgotten:

Victims of Nazism at FC Bayern Munich


Curated by FC Bayern Erlebniswelt (Germany’s largest club museum) and appearing for the first time outside Europe, this exhibit highlights the heart-wrenching stories of nine players and officials who were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis because of their religion or political views. It includes the remarkable saga of Jewish club president Kurt Landauer, who was forced to resign his post and was imprisoned in Dachau. Returning to Munich after the war only to find his beloved team in shambles, Landauer led the effort to rebuild the stadium and the club. Today he is remembered as one of FC Bayern Munich’s most important figures and an important contributor to the club’s success. 

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