"Who's Who in Germany and Austria.” A two volume edition believed to be prepared by the British Authorities detailing German ranks and titles, and providing biographical and career information on Nazi-German officials as of March 1944.


Belzberg Architects: Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

World renowned architectural photographers Iwan Benn & Benny Chan take you on tour through the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, the country’s oldest museum dedicated to the subject. Journey through the inception, creation, & completion of the museum by the award-winning architect, Hagy Belzberg, & discover the juxtaposition of old & new. The book is available for purchase at the LAMOTH gift shop, & Amazon.

Los Angeles Museum of The Holocaust boasts the west coast's largest archive of documents, relics and other primary source materials from the Holocaust period (1933-1945). View our Virtual Tour for detailed descriptions of each area of the Museum.