Sarah & Betty with Sarah's painting Winner of Teen Innovation Award PAIRS project exhibit PAIRS Object Share Jacob A. with his sculpture Teen Board presents PAIRS project PAIRS Object Share

From a Teen Board Member:

"I am so grateful that I was introduced to the museum and to the teen board through this project. This project allowed for me to get to know my survivor, Erika, on a personal level and I gained such a greater perspective of the Holocaust than I would have otherwise. The part I enjoyed most about this experience was being able to bond with Erika...not only by talking about the Holocaust, but also through hearing Erika's life advice.... I have gotten far more out of this experience than I ever thought possible."


To apply for the 2017-18 LAMOTH Teen Board, please click here.


The Museum's Teen Advisory Board consists of high school students from schools across Los Angeles who are committed to furthering LAMOTH's mission of commemoration and education. Through the LAMOTH Teen Board, students have the opportunity to add their voices and contribute their leadership to the landscape of Holocaust remembrance and education in our community by shaping events and engagements at the Museum. Board Members gather every other month for official meetings at LAMOTH and participate in a variety of different programs throughout the school year, including the LAMOTH Annual Gala and Yom HaShoah Commemoration.

The 2016-17 Teen Advisory Board launched the PAIRS Program (Partnering Adolescents in Intergenerational Remembrance with Survivors), which matched teens with Survivor mentors. Each teen-Survivor pair got to know each other by meeting throughout the school year, preparing the teen to carry forward the memory of the Survivor's experiences. At the end of the school year, each teen created a project about their Survivor mentor. The projects are now on temporary exhibit at the Museum.

The PAIRS Program was awarded a Los Angeles Jewish Teen Initiative (LAJTI) Teen Innovation Award in January 2017.

To apply for the 2017-18 LAMOTH Teen Board, please click here.

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