LAMOTH has partnered with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to bring an innovative and nationally acclaimed training program to law enforcement, from police recruits to executives. The Law Enforcement and Society (LEAS) program examines the history of the Holocaust and its implications for law enforcement today. Through LEAS, law enforcement officers learn about the role of their profession during the Holocaust and reflect on their professional and personal responsibilities today.

Originally created in 1998 by ADL and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, LEAS was piloted at LAMOTH in June 2015. LAMOTH worked with ADL’s Pacific Southwest Region to bring this critically acclaimed program to the West Coast. Museum admission and LEAS training are free to participants and law enforcement agencies. To learn more about the program, please contact Jordanna Gessler at To schedule your agency for training, please contact Matthew Friedman at or (310) 446-8000. 

Key Facts about LEAS

  • 100,000 law enforcement professionals have been trained through LEAS
  • 1,000 agencies have had executives and commanders trained
  • 94 countries have had law enforcement executives and commanders trained
  • LEAS has trained commanders from all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
  • LEAS has been a required part of training for all FBI New Agents since 2000

Law Enforcement and Society Participant Quotes and Reflections

  • “The message I received from the Museum was to never forget our history, we are lucky to be a free nation, and we need to ensure that is never compromised." - Torrance Police Officer 
  • “My ability to make personal choices prevents me from abusing my power. The tour of the museum helped illustrate what happens when a large number of people make the personal choice to put their morals and values aside.” - Police Records Administrator 
  • "As a law enforcement professional, the lesson I drew from this history is to not de-humanize and to continue to be courageous with respect.” – Culver City Police Officer 
  • “Everyone can make a difference. We are all responsible.” – LAPD Sergeant