In Voices of History: Visual Art Workshop students will have a behind the scenes experience at the award-winning Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Students will have the opportunity to work with Holocaust survivors who are artists to talk, learn, and create a piece of studio art or a multimedia project inspired by those conversations.  The program will conclude on Friday with a L’Dough L’Dough session and a showcase of the work created over the course of the week. This program is presented in partnership with Milken Community Schools.

All students from grades 7-12 are welcome, including non-Milken students.

Milken students will earn 25 hours of community service through participation in this program; students from other schools will need to have prior approval or check in with their school for specific requirements.

DATES: June 17-21, 2019, 10 am - 3 pm 

LOCATION: Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust 


For more information, please contact Lisa Weissman at or (323) 651-3716.