Our spring 2017 workshop at Santa Monica High School culminated in the performance of "Voices of Survivors," an evening of original student theater on Wednesday, March 22nd (more information about the event here).

The workshop was an eight-week collaborative project between LAMOTH and Santa Monica High School’s Theatre Department, in partnership with Writer's Room Productions.

Students in the workshop learned about Holocaust history and interviewing techniques from Museum staff, took an in-depth tour of the Museum’s primary sources and galleries, and met and interviewed Holocaust Survivors. With professional writing mentorship from Writer’s Room Productions, students worked together to write, direct, and act in scenes inspired by Survivors' personal experiences during the Holocaust.

The original student production reflected scenes and themes from the narratives of four Holocaust Survivors: Avraham Perlmutter, David Lenga, Edith Frankie, and Erika Fabian.

Read about the performance at Santa Monica High School in this Jewish Journal article.