Music composition workshop Theater workshop Survivor Betty Cohen with students Music composition workshop Photography workshop Theater workshop Still from animated student film Students interview Survivor Eva Wartnik

The Story of Three Rings: A Memoir of Dana Schwartz

Students in the 2016 Digital Storytelling Workshop at Harvard-Westlake brought to the screen the personal testimony of Holocaust Survivor Dana Schwartz and her family's experiences in the Lvov Ghetto. The short film has won more than 15 film festival awards, including CineYouth Chicago International Film Festival (Best Documentary) and at the All American High School Film Festival (Best Animation and Finalist for Best Overall).


Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust's Voices of History programs offer students the opportunity to create meaningful artistic reflections in various mediums. Students learn about the Holocaust through primary sources, informative sessions with Museum staff, and dialogue with Holocaust survivors. Students then interview survivors and collaborate with them to develop their ideas into short films, theater performances, music compositions, and photography exhibits.

The final projects capture the personal stories of the survivors, the students' understanding of this history, and their dedication to shaping the future of Holocaust education.

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