Share Our Stories at Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust connects students from under-resourced schools and underserved communities with Holocaust Survivors for meaningful dialogue, artifact-based learning, Museum gallery exploration, and reflective art-producing workshops. This art and culture, interfaith program builds an exchange between multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communities. The program helps students find personal expression and mediation of this history through different artistic mediums in schools that do not have funding to provide art programs. Students may share traumatic history, genocide, or discrimination that is a part of their communities as well, helping two generations find common ground. Share Our Stories is a unique, multisite program that utilizes resources of the Museum, as well as students' own classrooms, to create participatory experiences with Holocaust Survivors and opportunities for reflective art projects. In addition to providing free Holocaust education and arts programming to at-risk students, we aim to bring individual stories and experiences of every student into the wider context and historical narrative of the Holocaust. Artistic reflection projects are different for each class and vary each year, and take into account the interests and passions of student participants. Each year, the student art is exhibited in the temporary exhibit space at Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, ensuring that the messages and voices of the students and Survivors are heard by Museum visitors. 

Students from the following schools have participated in Share Our Stories since its inception in 2014: Prairie Vista Middle School, Animo Ralph Bunche Charter High School, Animo Watts College Preparatory Academy, Locke High School, Math and Science College Preparatory, Fullerton Union High School and Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA).

Many students have been profoundly moved by getting to know a Holocaust survivor. One student wrote in a thank you note, “We are really lucky students because as [our teacher] told us we will be the last generation to be meeting the survivors and that is truly an honor. I will always have in my heart and I will be able to share the stories the survivors shared with us with the future generations.” Another student wrote, “They were so kind which was truly inspirational to me because I was able to see how after everything they had to live through they were still happy people which made me realize that it does not matter what one is put through there are always reasons to smile. “

Share Our Stories Project is supported by a generous grant from the Max H. Gluck Foundation.

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