The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust is proud to offer a paid, full-time summer internship for a qualified undergraduate student between the months of June and August 2015. Internships are available in the Archival/Curatorial and Education departments.

Internship Eligibility and Instructions

Students must:

  • Be of African American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, or Pacific Islander descent;
  • Be currently enrolled undergraduates. Students must have completed at least one semester of college by June 2015. Students graduating in spring 2015 are also eligible. (Students who are enrolled in a second BA or BS program are not eligible.)
  • Reside or attend college in Los Angeles County; and
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident.

Archival and Curatorial Internship

The Archival/Curatorial Intern will work closely with the Archival and Curatorial department staff. The Intern will have the opportunity to become familiar with Museum exhibits and archival documents through the digitization and cataloging of historical documents and artifacts, as well as to organize and curate exhibits.  Day-to-day support of archival and curatorial tasks is also part of the internship. The Intern will work with historical documents and artifacts and gain a greater understanding of archival cataloging and the curatorial process.

The Intern will work with our online Archival and Museum Catalogue, creating finding aids for collections, sub-collections and documents in order to give researchers and visitors access to unpublished materials.

Main duties:

  • Work with online archival information system, narrating historical and bibliographic descriptions from the collection;
  • Digitize and create finding aids for newly acquired Archival Collections;
  • Research and organize exhibit information;
  • Provide logistical support for the Archival and Curatorial Department;
  • Work on descriptions of exhibits.

Archival/Curatorial interns take part in scholarly seminars organized by the Department.

This Internship is designed for college level sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are preparing for a career in Modern History, Jewish History, German Studies, Archival Studies, Information and Library Sciences, Museum Studies, or related fields. A basic understanding of Holocaust History and the History of the 20th Century is preferred. Applicants with language skills in German, Yiddish, Hebrew and Hungarian, basic photography skills and/or Adobe CS programs are highly encouraged to apply.  Knowledge and experience in programming of databases for repositories and museums together with a Computer Science background is highly desirable.

Education Internship

The Education Intern will work closely with the Education Programs Manager, the Director of Student Tours and Teacher Training, and the Righteous Conversations Program Coordinator. He/she will also have the opportunity to closely shadow the Museum’s Executive Director as she facilitates and directs education programming. The Education Intern will assist with the planning and delivery of outreach programming in schools in the Los Angeles area. The Education Intern will play a key role in the Museum during the summer, working daily with visitors and students to ensure that the Museum’s mission to commemorate and educate is realized. LAMOTH holds a rich collection of primary source artifacts, and the Education Intern will create and deliver a focus tour developed around one or two artifacts in the Museum. Under the instruction of the Education Department and in coordination with the Archives Department, he/she will research, learn, and craft a twenty-minute inquiry-based tour on several of the Museum’s precious artifacts.  This focus tour will be offered daily to Museum visitors. The Education Intern will be afforded the opportunity to work with Remember Us at LAMOTH, which creates innovative programs in schools throughout the city. Among these program is The Righteous Conversations Project (RC), a collaboration of Holocaust survivors and teens, who work together to address issues of modern day injustices through thought provoking dialogue and intimate interaction. Through digital story telling workshops in schools and engagements in communities all over Los Angeles, students and survivors become partners in creative work and social advocacy. The Education Intern will participate in the Righteous Conversations programming during the summer, working closely with Holocaust Survivors and high school students as they create Public Service Announcements (PSAs). As part of their internship, the intern will explore the Museum archives, collections, and galleries, and under guidance, develop new ways to integrate archival materials into Museum programing. This will be in the form of an activity that will be piloted during the summer and implemented during the next school year. The Education Intern will lead Museum public tours, participate in both on and off-site educational programs, develop an outreach activity geared towards Los Angeles based students, based on the knowledge gained from working in the Museum’s galleries and archives and school classrooms. The Education Intern will also help facilitate and lead day-to-day activities including visitor services support and administration.

Main duties:

  • Develop a focus tour through research and object-based questions.
  • Present the focus tour and engage Museum visitors with inquiry-based learning skills.
  • Participate in the Righteous Conversations Program (RC). This will include supporting the RC Program Coordinator with planning and delivery of programs in schools.
  • Forecast for and develop outlines for upcoming student tours, assisting the Director of Student Tours and Teacher Training for the new school year. 
  • Aid the Director of Student Tours and Teacher Training in facilitating outreach and forging new relationships with schools and teachers.
  • Researching outreach programs at other institutions to learn how archival materials and collections can be incorporated in on and off-site program.
  • Assist the Education Department with daily tasks.
  • Perform visitor services duties at Reception front desk, which includes greeting visitors, answering phones, assisting our Holocaust Survivor speakers while on site.

During the first week, the intern will be acquainted with the Museum, its exhibits, and observe public tours. The intern will receive an orientation of the meaningful and historically informative Educational Programs offered at the Museum and of the summer project to be assigned. During the first three weeks of the internship, he/she will observe the transformative Museum tours and receive tour training from the Education staff. The intern will also participate in the RC workshops at LA schools and observe the program. During these first three weeks, he/she will also start assisting with the preparation and be trained on working with students. He/she will also meet with the Director of Archives and explore the Museum’s archives. By the end of the internship, the assignment will have been completed, delivered, and evaluated. This project will then become part of the regular offering of the Museum.  The Education Intern will work under the direct supervision of the Education Department, who will provide all training. Education Intern will be trained in giving primary source-based tours in a museum setting and provide guidance in how to work with the student population. The Education Intern will also work closely with the RC Project Coordinator and will be able to shadow the Executive Director in her visits to schools. The Education Intern will be provided with the appropriate training, a work station with a desk and computer, and have complete access to the Museum’s Library and Archives. He/she will be trained in giving tours and effectively teaching with objects, as well researching the Museum’s archives, and interacting with the student population. The intern will receive visitor service training, which includes answering phones, greeting Museum visitors, organizing school arrivals, and operating the Museum’s audio-guide devices. The Education Internship is designed for college level sophomores, juniors or seniors who are preparing for a career in History, Education, Teaching, Holocaust Education, Museum Education, or related fields. Students majoring in History, English, Education, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Museology preferred. Basic digital media and computer skills preferred. Strong oral and written communication is a must.

The internship is a full-time (40 hours/week) position, with a salary of $4,000, for a consecutive ten-week work period between June and August, 2015.

To apply, please send:

1) A current resume

2) Cover letter describing your interest in the internship, and

3) Two letters of recommendation to:


Attn: Jordanna Gessler

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

100 S. The Grove Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90036


You may also email your application to, with subject heading: Getty Multicultural Summer Internship.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


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