Sponsor a School Visit to the Museum

Every year, tens of thousands of students visit Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust to learn about the Holocaust. The vast majority of these students are not Jewish, and many of them come from underfunded schools without budgets for field trips. For some, the visit to our Museum is their first field trip. 

These students are able to visit the Museum because we do not charge an admission fee, and we offer transportation grants for schools that cannot afford to pay for buses. We invite B'nai Mitzvah students to help us raise the funds to provide free Holocaust education to all students. It costs $500 for bus transportation for one class to come to the Museum to learn Holocaust history, meet a Holocaust Survivor, and leave inspired to speak out against discrimination and injustice. 

One fundraiser idea: LeftOverCash for Good recycles unused foreign cash into funds for the Museum. LeftOverCash for Good provides you with a kit, and you ask your friends and neighbors to give you their leftover foreign bills and coins.

Volunteer at the Museum

Volunteer at the Museum on the weekend or during a school break for your Mitzvah Project.


For more information about raising money for free Holocaust education or volunteering at Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, contact Julia Davis at or 323-402-4402.