For families in the Los Angeles area, or who can travel to Los Angeles, we offer a number of special opportunities:


Customized Museum Tour: As your child prepares for bar/bat mitzvah, we invite your family to come for a customized tour of Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. A Museum tour will provide an introduction to Holocaust history, including Jewish life before the Holocaust, customized to focus on the experiences of Jewish children like the one your child is remembering. Our trained docents and artifact-rich galleries will enhance your child's experience.

Research Assistance: Our staff can help you and your child do additional research into the child he or she is remembering.

Children's Memorial: We can help your child add the remembered child's name to our Goldrich Family Foundation Children's Memorial.

Volunteer at Museum: Your child can volunteer at the Museum as part of their Mitzvah Project by for example, meeting and assisting Holocaust survivors speaking to student groups, or helping with student art projects.

L'Dough V'Dough: You can organize a L'Dough V'Dough session for your friends and family, with donations going to support bus transportation to the Museum for underfunded schools. Your friends and family can enjoy the unique experience of braiding and baking challah with a Holocaust Survivor, while at the same time raising money to bring students -- many of whom have never been on any field trips -- to the Museum to learn about the Holocaust and meet a Survivor.

Fundraising: You can organize your own fundraiser for the Museum. Just $500 pays for bus transportation to the Museum for one classroom from a school with no budget for field trips. We can help you get started on a four-week LeftOverCash for Good fundraiser, in which you turn your friends' and neighbors' unused foreign cash into funds for the Museum.

For more information, contact Director of Education Jordanna Gessler at or 323-651-9910.