The Museum's B'nai Mitzvah: Acts of Memory project allows students preparing for Bar or Bat mitzvah to remember a child who perished in the Holocaust, learn about the Holocaust and Jewish life before the Holocaust, and meet a Holocaust survivor in our community.

Museum staff work with Los Angeles-area families to create a meaningful, age-appropriate experience for each Bar and Bat Mitzvah student. The program includes the following options:

Remember a Child: We will create a personalized Memorial Page containing the name of a child and information about him or her. We can try to match your child with a child with a similar name or from the same area as your family. We also will provide suggestions for ways to remember the child, such as mentioning the child in a dvar Torah or speech from the bimah, or doing mitzvot in the name of the child. If you would like personalized pamphlets explaining the program to distribute to your Bar or Bat Mitzvah guests, click here.

L'Dough V'Dough: We invite your family and friends to join us for a B’nai Mitzvah L'Dough V'Dough session, in which you will braid and bake challah with a Holocaust survivor while sharing, remembering and bonding, one generation to the next.

Pair with a Survivor's Relative: For students and families able to commit more time to the experience, we can pair the Bar/Bat Mitzvah student with a child or grandchild of a Holocaust survivor. The student will learn from the survivor's descendant about the family's experiences during the Holocaust. 

Customized Museum Tour: As your child prepares for bar/bat mitzvah, we invite your family to come for a customized tour of Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. A Museum tour will provide an introduction to Holocaust history, including Jewish life before the Holocaust, customized to focus on the experiences of Jewish children like the one your child is remembering. Our trained docents and artifact-rich galleries will enhance your child's experience.

Mitzvah Project: Your child can volunteer or raise money for the Museum as part of their Mitzvah Project.

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For more information, contact Jill Brown at or 323-456-5084