Chwila (Moment), Jewish daily, 1925

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Visiting the Archives

The Museum maintains one of the largest archives of Holocaust-related materials west of the Mississippi River. In fact, the Museum’s founding survivors began the Museum to preserve their few cherished objects remaining after the war, to use them to teach others about the Holocaust, and to commemorate their lost loved ones by doing so.

Primary historical objects remain protected in a fire-proof, humidity-and temperature-controlled room, and hundreds of books line the shelves of our library. The archives are open to journalists, students, scholars, documentarians and other members of the public in supervised visits. Please contact our Director of Archive, Library and Histoircal Curatorship, Vladimir Melamed, Ph.D., to arrange a visit.



List of Record Groups in LAMOTH Archives

RG-0001, History of the Museum
RG-01, Personal Memoirs, Testimonies, and Diaries
RG-01.01, Irena Lusky Collection
RG-01.02, Nika Fleissig Collection
RG-01.03, Dachau Diaries and Testimonies
RG-01.04, Przeworksa-Pratt Collection
RG-01.05, Siegfried Halbreich Collection
RG-01.06, Barry Ziff Collection
RG-01.07, Erica Leon Personal Testimony
RG-01.08, Anna Lipsyzc Collection
RG-01.09, Betti Gerard Diaries
RG-01.10, Marta Mitdank Recollection
RG-01.11, Dawid Gertler Papers, Postwar courts of honor
RG-01.12, Ludwik Hirsszfeld, Memoirs, Warsaw
RG-01.13, Josef Broide Papers Partisans Bialystok Ghetto
RG-01.14, Henryk Gliksman Papers, Postwar courts of honor
RG-01.15, Alice Schragai Memoir, Kosice (Kassa)
RG-01.16, Federation of Jews from Poland, US Occupation Zone, Restitution Claims
RG-01.17, Otto Herskovic, Memoir, Antwerp, Belgium
RG-01.18, John van Huzun Wartime Diary
RG-02, DP Publications, Documents, Cultural Life
RG-03, Allied Administration in Germany and Austria
RG-04, Literature and Arts in Camps and Ghettos
RG-05, Nazi Propaganda and Nazi Party
RG-06, Ghetto and Camp Currency and Related Artifacts
RG-07, Post-war Publications and Scholarship on the Holocaust
RG-08, Identification Papers and Related Documents
RG-09, Liberation of Camps and Camp Site Memorials
RG-10, Hungarian Labor Battalions
RG-11, Lodz Ghetto
RG-12, Pre-war History and Jewish Life
RG-13, Dr. Julius Kühl Collection
RG-14, Holocaust-related Art
RG-15, Auschwitz Camps and Memorial Museum of Auschwitz
RG-16, Family Histories
RG-17, Prewar and War-time Periodicals
RG-18.01, Polish Interwar Periodical for National Minorities, Sprawy Narodowosciowe
RG-18.02, Jewish, Ukrainian Interwar Periodical in Poland, Dilo
RG-18.03, Jewish Interwar Periodical in Poland, Chwila
RG-19, Oral Histories, Survivors' Video-Interviews
RG-20, Ukrainian Auxiliary Police in Lviv and Lviv Region from the Live State Regional Archives
RG-21, Ukrainian Collaborator Newspapers in Galicia, Lvivski Visti, Krakivski Visti, Wolyn
RG-22, Jewish Art and other various forms
RG-23, Atrocities and Perpetration, Collection of Photo-documents
RG-24, Jewish Religious Text and Sacramental Objects
RG-25, Warsaw Ghetto
RG-26.01, Erich Lichtblau (Leskly) Collection, Documents
RG-26.02, Erich Lichtblau (Leskly) Collection, Articles and Catalogues
RG-26.03, Erich Lichtblau (Leskly) Collection, Photographs of Artworks
RG-26.04, Erich Lichtblau (Leskly) Collection Framed Artworks
RG-27, Zeisl-Aberbach and Schoenberg Collections
RG-28, Dachau Concentration Camp and Memorial Site, 1941-1946
RG-29, Liberation of Paris and German Atrocities in Europe
RG-30, War-Crimes Trials
RG-31, Theresienstadt Ghetto
RG-32, Memorial Books of Jewish Communities
RG-33, Soviet Partisans
RG-34, Werner Schreyer Papers
RG-35, Literature in Yiddish
RG-36, Nazi-German Artifacts, Memorabilia
RG-37, Charles Millett (Karl Sinai) Papers
RG-38, Small Ghettos
RG-39, German Literature of Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany
RG-40, Kurt Wittler Papers
RG-41, The Second World War, History and Aftermath
RG-42, Bernd Stevens (Steinitz) Collection
RG-43, John Glass Papers
RG-44, Rescue and Aid in France, 1940 -1944
RG-45, Films, Video, Testimonies, Photographs
RG-46, Integrated museum materials
RG-47, Polish Films and Medals
RG-48, Vera Laroche Papers
RG-49, Lewis Lax (Lutek Laks) Papers
RG-50, Marianne Meyerhoff Collection  
RG-51, Betty-Prins Hyatt Papers
RG-52, Gabriella Karin Papers
RG-53, Marie Kaufman Papers
RG-54, Kurt Horowitz Papers
RG-55, Survivors’ audio testimonies
RG-56, Lisolette Melhorn Papers
RG-57, Kapulkina Papers  
RG-58, Marion E. Kenworthy Papers
RG-59, Anton Karl Collection
RG-60, Clifton Gallup Papers
RG-61, Isaak Gasnik Collection of the Netherlands New
RG-62, Masha Loen Collection
RG-63, German Crimes in Poland
RG-64, American government and politics
RG-65, USHMM documentary films
RG-66, Bundesarchiv photo documents
RG-67, USHMM photo documents
RG-68, Wiener Library photo documents
RG-69, Yad Vashem photo documents
RG-70, Hamburg Institute for Social Sciences
RG-71, Periodicals in Yiddish and other Yiddish-language publications

All collections are catalogued, indexed and furnished with Finding Aids. The documental corpus of the Archival Collection is digitized and available in PDF on the internal Museum network. Eventually, the Museum will create a functional search system that will adequately search through the entire Archival Collection.

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust accepts donations of historical documents, artifacts and personal collections.