New additions to our archives Shanghai Ghetto Collection Auschwitz artifacts on loan


"Who's Who in Germany and Austria.” A two volume edition believed to be prepared by the British Authorities detailing German ranks and titles, and providing biographical and career information on Nazi-German officials as of March 1944.


Would you like your Holocaust stories, artifacts, artworks, and documents to be preserved in perpetuity and available for study in a world-class museum?  If so, then please consider donating them to the Museum’s archives.  Our rich archives make the Museum unique amongst all other Jewish/Holocaust organizations on the west coast.  With this in mind, we have committed ourselves to creating a state-of-the-art resource as a tool for students, teachers, and scholars from around the world.

To make a donation to the archives, please contact Dr. Vladimir Melamed, Director of Archive, Library and Historical Curatorship at  or 323-651-2625.