3G at LAMOTH is a community for grandchildren of Survivors who are helping to shape the future of Holocaust remembrance and education. Our mission is based on memory, education, community, and social action, drawing on our own personal connections as stewards of our grandparents' legacies and the rich resources and support of Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.

3G at LAMOTH Executive Board members:

Jordanna Gessler, Kelly Goldberg, July Hodara, Rebecca Katz, Caitlin Kress, Marissa Lepor, Julia Lerman, Guy Lipa, Galit Prince, Jon Steingold


 February 2, 2017

As grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, many of us have refugees and immigrants in our own families, and we are profoundly troubled by the recent Executive Order banning refugees and immigrants from certain predominantly Muslim countries. It is alarming to those of us with Holocaust history close to our hearts to watch groups of people silently stand by and watch. We are also filled with hope and pride, as we witness the crowds of people across the country lending their voices to say “not this time."

Our group is committed to carrying on our grandparents' stories and legacies which live in our personal histories and in our DNA. Throughout our lives, we’ve learned to say "Never again." To be true to those words, which we have repeated so many times in the name of our grandparents and the countless number of relatives who were murdered, we must now speak and act out against the injustice, exclusion, and fear-based rhetoric we are observing in the U.S. and around the world. Because history can and does repeat itself, and only an active, informed, and engaged community can protect the very liberties and freedoms that generations of immigrants to U.S. have sought.

Just as the U.S. and State Department denied access to Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler and Nazi Germany in the 1930s, so now we are turning people away from our shores because of who they are. As the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum said in a statement last November, “The Holocaust did not begin with killing; it began with words.” We cannot stay silent as our country moves beyond words into action that deliberately harms and excludes those who are fleeing unsafe and hostile regimes and environments. 

It is our responsibility to remember, it is our responsbility to educate, and it is our responsibility to take action and inspire others to do the same.

To borrow the profound words of Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust Survivor:

We have learned not to be neutral in the time of crisis, for neutrality helps the aggressor, never the victim

We have learned that silence is never the answer

We have learned that the opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference

Indifference is what we must guard against

As a 3G group, we stand for human rights, mutual respect, and acceptance no matter what. We hope you will join us in ensuring that when this story is written into history, it is with the rights and dignity of all people intact.



Legendary Bingo

On Wednesday, March 1, we held a bingo fundraiser at Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood featuring exciting prizes and a live auction. All proceeds benefited Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. 


Genealogy Workshop


On Wednesday, October 7, we held a genealogy workshop with LAMOTH President Randy Schoenberg, Jewish genealogy expert and Geni.com volunteer curator. Randy talked about how to get started researching one's family history. The story of Randy's legal battle to recover Klimt paintings from the Austrian government on behalf of his client, Holocaust survivor Maria Altmann, was depicted in the recent film, Woman in Gold.


3G at LAMOTH Movie Screening 

On Thursday, July 30, we held a screening of Never Forget – A March of the Living Story, a short film about young adults in their 20s and 30s learning from and connecting with Holocaust Survivors during a life-changing trip to Poland and Israel. The screening was followed by Q&A with the film's director.

The film is produced by Anthony Salamon, a grandchild of Holocaust Survivors, and directed by Adam Dostalek


Stewards of Memory: A Narrative Workshop


On June 28, 3G at LAMOTH hosted our first narrative workshop, "Stewards of Memory: A Narrative Workshop of 3G." Presenters included 3G Executive Board members Jordanna Gessler and Caitlin Kress as well as filmmakers Sylvia Saether and Adam Dostalek and authors Leslie Gilbert-Lurie and her mother, Holocaust Survivor Rachel Lurie. The workshop explored how we carry and understand our families' histories and how they shape our identity.

To learn about our fundraising campaign for future Narrative Workshops, click here.







For more information about 3G at LAMOTH, please contact 3G@lamoth.org