Young visitors interact with an artifact

The Museum offers tours to students in 5th grade and older. Reservations are required. The tour provides an overview of the history of the Holocaust by closely examining Holocaust era artifacts and museum exhibits.


Students come to Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust to learn about Jewish life before the Holocaust, the events of the Holocaust and WWII, and examples of rescue and resistance.  Museum educators and docents stimulate conversations and provide tools for students to approach this poignant subject and understand its continuing relevance. Visiting the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust informs students about history in the effort to inspire socially and civicly responsible choices in their own lives.

Elementary School Tours

5th and 6th grade students learn about Jewish life before the war by touring our World That Was exhibition. Students explore concepts of identity, diversity and stereotyping. In the Rescue & Resistance gallery, students learn about acts of courage. Students will meet a Holocaust survivor and listen to his or her testimony. We work with a number of survivors who were children during the war. They all have extensive experience speaking to younger children.

Middle School Tours

7th and 8th grade students participate in a museum tour that focuses on life before the war, Nazi rise to power, life in the ghettos, rescue and resistance. Students are introduced to concepts of antisemitism, propaganda and Righteous Gentiles. Following the tour, students listen to a Holocaust survivor’s personal testimony. 

High School Tours

This tour focuses on the main historical events that occurred between 1933 and 1945.  Students closely analyze artifacts and documents in the Museum’s collection. Students will learn about deportation, life in the camps, acts of resistance, liberation and life after the war. After the tour, students will participate in an extensive discussion with a survivor. (Please allow 3 hours)

Home-Schooled or Mixed-Grade Tours

The same tours offered to public and private schools apply to homeschooled and mixed-grade groups.

Holocaust Survivor Talk

After the tour, each group has the opportunity to meet a Holocaust survivor, who shares his or her compelling testimony with the students. The Museum works with a dynamic group of Holocaust survivors who volunteer their time to meet students and speak about their experiences. Our survivors come from all different backgrounds and have experienced the Holocaust in diverse ways. They have extensive experience in public speaking and most have been involved in Holocaust education for many years.

Please contact Katherine Semel, Director of Student Tours, at or 323-651-9925 to plan a program that is appropriate for the age and knowledge level of your group.