The World That Was Interactive TableShow Your Family Photos in The Museum.
The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust is committed to preserving the memory of those who suffered under the Nazis. Our innovative touch-screen World That Was Interactive Table features over 8,000 pre-war photographs for visitors to explore. You can now add your own family photographs to our table, so that your family can become part of this exhibit. To see how it might look, Click here. (Will open in pop-up window.)

Simply use this form to upload a pre-war photo of your family. The photo should be from Europe, Palestine or North Africa and taken before 1946. Please fill in all the fields to tell us about the people in the photograph. This information will also be accessible on the interactive table. If the people have a Holocaust-related story, please include that in the description. Add as many photos as you like, one at a time.

We will take your photos and add them to the database for the interactive table so that visitors will be able to see your family photos and read the stories you have provided us. With the click of a button, your family history will become part of our permanent exhibit.

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By leaving this box checked, I agree that the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust may freely use the image I have submitted with this form in the World That Was Interactive Table exhibit. (If you uncheck this we will not be able to use your pictures.)

Pictures should be scanned or digitally photographed at high resolution—1 up to 8 megabytes. You will be returned to this page after the upload is done, in case you have more photos to add.

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